Penny the Designer…

Yes… You can have a space with multiple functions and have it peaceful, organized and stunning!

Yes… Design can be confusing, overwhelming with all the options that are available. I will simplify that.

You know what you love, and maybe you will know it when you see it, but have no idea where to source it. I can help arrive at your perfect plan that is beautiful, serene and perfect for your lifestyle. I will walk you through it.

I’m Penny Waller, a professional and approachable Design Expert with over 35 years of experience. I’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you, to achieve their design dreams. I’m thrilled we’ve connected!

My goal is to assist you in putting together a flawless plan that marries your lifestyle and your design personality that will be sharp!

Your renovation or new design projects don’t have to cause you sleepless nights. Choosing the right colours and finishes shouldn’t cost you hours of anguish. The fact is that it doesn’t have to be stressful – it’s supposed to be exciting and gratifying!

Contact me today.

Penny the Artist…

I’m very grateful you have expressed an interest in my art. You’ll see I love to paint with bold colours on large canvases. I’ve been expressing my creativity for 35yrs as a designer and often think about the perfect piece art for my client’s space. Occasionally I would dust off an easel and paint something to release that pent up creativity. I never could get enough of art throughout school, how about you?

Recently I’ve been through a few life altering events, turning to my painting as a means to escape life’s challenges. I paint furniture, walls, canvas… well anything actually. Art has become my therapy!

Although I have yet to discover my personal style (maybe I never will submit to just one!), I am having a blast exploring techniques and different forms expression. Combining my joy of painting and teaching I’ve started a little company called “Paint This…Sip That!” I teach paint nights, working with those who share the same love of creation. We paint on canvas, and wine glasses and who knows what else. I’ve recently started taking commissioned orders as gifts or a piece you’ve seen, but in the wrong colour or size.

Thanks for being part of my journey… I hope our paths cross soon!